I am really thrilled for being invited to talk about creativity in video games at the Nordic Game Conference!

Creativity is commonly stunted and stifled by many external pressures, leaving creative people feeling frustrated. It happens everywhere, and in every field. Video games may be the last mass market medium open to new approaches, ideas, and concepts. Even still, pressures to conform to conventional formulas will block your way, whether you are working on a AAA title or an Indie title.

In discussing my various experiences as a composer, I will explore some of the many ways I have convinced the conventional crowd to “take a walk on the wild side.”


I was really happy to work with Legendary Game Creator Paul Cuisset (Flashback) on his last game called “Subject 13”. As a celebration for this collaboration you can listen and download the Main Theme:

Violin performed by Boris Borgolotto
Piano performed by Olivier Deriviere


I am delighted to announce I have been working with Primal Games and Bandai Namco on the Scifi MOBA Supernova. The game is in Alpha but you can already have a glimpse of some music I wrote for it. Later we will add more music to the game and make an official PR to present the music interactivity and production. Stay Tuned!

Listen to first excerpts here: http://olivierderiviere.com/artist/supernova/

Too know more about the game go here: https://supernovagame.com/

I am really really happy to finally release Harold The Original Funny Tracks on bandcamp and soon on every other digital platforms. This indie game has been a big funny and crazy adventure. The music is highly interactive in the game this is why I added a long version of the races tracks. I hope you will enjoy the energy the Leroy Steat’s Gospel put into it!

Have fun!