GDC 2014 Session for Remember Me OST with John Kurlander

I am delighted to give a talk with John Kurlander about “Remember me” and its Unique Interactive Soundtrack of the Future at GDC14! Come join us! (click for more information)
Date: Friday, March 21

Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

This session will provide insight into the creative process behind the soundtrack of Remember Me, from facing the challenge of convincing all concerned to take a chance on something so musically different from the standard cyberpunk-genre soundtrack, to distilling the sensation of the game’s central theme of memory manipulation from a live orchestra, then seamlessly complementing the live instrumentations with electronic enhancements. We will describe our approach in recording and mixing to invent a riveting new sound, and the use of electronic processing, synth and samples-based libraries for increased flexibility in adapting the resulting sound to a specific gameplay mechanic and explore how music can become a real asset to the player’s experience.


Attendees will take away key learnings such as the principles of interactivity and their translation to music, and the organization of the different steps of an interactive soundtrack. We will feature a real-time demonstration of a particular gameplay mechanic and how we managed to compose and produce the score.

Intended Audience

This talk is directed toward audio directors, music supervisors, sound designers, composers as well as creative directors and game designers in order to extend their expertise in producing unique interactive scores.

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